Mineral Management
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Our Approach to Mineral Management

When we started Kings Branch, we were troubled with the industry standard of care and lack of representation afforded to land and mineral owners. Whether you just inherited an unknown interest in oil and gas, are a sophisticated family office with a legacy asset, an institutional owner, or a private mineral fund, we can provide professional services to help organize, manage, and properly value your mineral interests. Knowing what you own allows you to make the best decision for your family or company to provide long-term revenue generation.

Our team prides itself in building a new breed of mineral management company, creating a model where we are truly aligned with the interests of the mineral owner, serving as a trusted, long-term partner and advocate. This is encompassed by our core values: Partnership, Education, Advocacy, Commitment, and Enthusiasm.

Mineral Management

Our Services

Title & Ownership
  • Ownership Review – Full Title, Family Interest or Single-Owner Interest
  • Mineral Ownership Report
  • Mineral Productivity Report
  • Quick-Reference Table of Ownership Interests
  • Family History Letter
GIS Mapping & Database
  • Interactive web map
  • Comprehensive portfolio management
  • Active management of assets
  • Everything you need in one place
  • Created to be managed by client
Contract Review & Negotiation
  • Current Lease Review
  • New Lease Negotiation
  • Division Order Management and Review
  • Suspended Funds Retrieval
  • Surface Estate Contract Review and Negotiation
Seller Representation & Marketing
  • Package and Deliver Term Sheets to Prospective Buyers
  • Solicit Offers from Multiple Buyers to Maximize Value
  • Divesture Due Diligence & Curative
  • Limited Divesture Title Opinions
  • Mineral Valuation
  • Research and Provide Acquisition Opportunities
  • Acquisition Due Diligence & Curative
Mineral Interest Management
  • Royalty Revenue Statement Analysis and Explanation
  • Mineral Interest Transfers
  • Legacy Planning
  • Ad Valorem Tax Assistance
  • Working Interest – Joint Interest Billing Monitoring and Assistance
  • Well Proposal and AFE Analysis
  • Dormant Mineral Filings
Unleased Interests Advocacy
  • Market and Acquire Lease Offers on Inactive Assets
Third Party Account Management
  • Mineral Management Software Accounts
  • Acquisition Due Diligence & Curative
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