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At Kings Branch Resources, we are building a new model of mineral management and land services, focused on long-term relationships, and creating good stewards of natural resources

About the Company

Kings Branch Resources was founded in May of 2020, by Chase and Garrett who are life-long friends that grew up in Fort Worth, Texas. They decided to step out on their own to utilize their industry network and long-term relationships to help clients achieve their goals and educate the next generation to be good stewards of their natural resources.

We pride ourselves on providing custom-tailored professional services to a discerning book of clients. The energy industry is a family business that is deeply personal to both Chase and Garrett.

Our people

Management Team

Garrett Bradshaw, JD

Garrett is the Co-Founder and COO of Kings Branch Resources. At Kings Branch, Garrett utilizes his land, legal, and finance background to help clients achieve their goals. Garrett takes the role of fiduciary and legal advisor very seriously, and believes that Kings Branch clients, and the industry in general, deserve trustworthy advocates who are aligned with their best interests.

Through Kings Branch, he hopes to develop a new type of land company, combining a traditional, relationship-based approach with the power of technology and analytics, offering a superior service to the next generation of oil and gas.

Garrett is a Texas Licensed Attorney. He holds a BS in Business Finance from Auburn University, and a JD/MBA from St. Mary’s University.

Chase Talbott

Chase Talbott is Co-Founder and CEO at Kings Branch Resources. At Kings Branch, Chase relies on his vast experience of in-house landman and acquisitions landman work to guide clients through the project life cycle. From acquisition due diligence, to asset maintenance and asset divestiture, Chase has done it all.

As the fourth generation of his family in the industry, Chase has oil and gas in his blood. He’s been around it all his life, seeing the life cycle and downturns with their hardship on family, as well as the extreme highs. He knows that market conditions will ebb and flow, but family and good relationships are the priority.

Chase graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor of Arts in Corporate Communications.

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